John Singer Sargent

John Singer Sargent was a noted portrait painter. He was considered to be the most successful portrait painter during his time. His body of work included roughly 900 oil paintings and over 2,000 watercolor artworks along with numerous charcoal drawings and sketches. Early Life Sargent was born on January 12, 1856 in Florence, Italy. His […]

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Jacques Louis David

Jacques Louis David is a French painter known for painting in the Neoclassical style. He was highly influential in that he painted with a type of history painting that is marked by heightened emotions in a classical manner. He was also known as a supporter of the French Revolution. Early Life Jacques Louis David was […]

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A Look at Gargoyles

A gargoyle is essentially an architectural design element used in various early buildings, especially those built in Medieval France. It is usually composed of a carved stone designed in a grotesque manner and designed with a spout to draw water flowing from a roof away from the sides of a building. Therefore, a gargoyle has […]

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